brain profiling
Everything we do starts with our brain – the way you think, react to others, make decisions, communicate, choose careers, lead people and family life, –
it depends on how you think !

Chatyze Vision

Improving people’s lives and impacting generations

Chatyze Mission

We connect human capital & resources to provide hope to individuals, groups and organisations to actualize their dreams, transforming lives & satisfy the yearning of human zeal through empowerment

What Chatyze offers you:-



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You need to understand your brain profile – and to achieve that you need to use a properly-validated and well-researched measuring instrument.

We have chosen the suite of Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI®)  as our preferred source of reliable information on thinking preferences and the concepts of whole brain thinking.

Who we are

Chatyze was founded in 2010 by Wayne and Marilyn Abrahams. It originated from their passion to understand the potential of human beings and also their passion to help people.


We assist individuals, groups and organisations to better understand themselves, their unique personality and potentials, their strengths and weaknesses by means of various scientific tools that eliminate any guesswork out of personal and professional growth.


We believe that people can choose to live above their current circumstances. We also believe that you do not manage people, you manage things. You lead people! Therefore, you need to understand yourself as well as understand other individuals, groups and teams in order to create a synergized and happy environment.


Wayne is a Senior Military Officer, serving in the military for more than 20 years. He studied in Human and Organisational Development and Theology. Marilyn studied in Theology and Financial Accounting. They are both passionate about people, their uniqueness and their ability to achieve more than they ever thought was possible.


Neethling Brain Instruments

The Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI®) is a revolutionary battery of instruments that strives to develop whole-brain thinking in individuals. These assessment tools will help you develop strategies to sustain creativity and positive thinking in your personal and professional life. You will also be able to identify the essence of your problems and apply creative solutions immediately

The NBI® gives an indication of how you:

  • communicate
  • act towards other people or in certain situations
  • do business
  • learn
  • teach
  • would manage in a certain career
  • solve problems
  • make decisions.

The NBI® enables you to:

  • develop effective teams
  • resolve conflicts in your personal and professional life
  • receive the best guidance in choosing a new career
  • improve the level of creativity and leadership in your business
  • select the best-suited employees for new positions
  • retain valuable employees
  • choose the best course of study
  • develop the whole-brain mental edge in your sport.

The NBI® was developed after almost 30 years of extensive international research on left and right-brain functions. The instruments were developed by Kobus Neethling, under the research guidance of Professor Paul Torrance of the University of Georgia.

Paul Torrance said: “Do the things you love doing and can do well.” We all have the ability to do certain things well (our clever areas) and once we know what our thinking preferences are and we can combine our clever and our preferences, we become what we’re supposed to be.